Friday, 24 February 2017

Double Dagger Assassin

Another quick post - This time an assassin:

Even necromancers need to watch their back.
The miniature is a female assassin from Ral Partha Europe. Their RPG-miniatures and DSA: The Dark Eye lines are well worth checking out. There's a lot of very characterful miniatures in there. 

This lady is another addition to the mercenary gang. What could they be up to?

In game terms, it's a nice mini that allows me to play around with some poison and stealth traits I don't usually get to use in ASOBH. 

These traits make her a very mobile, hard to pin down, assassin. Agile allows her to run circles around obstacles and enemies, while dashing means that she only need a single action to both move in on and attack someone. Coupled with the free disengage, this should make her very dangerous, able to exploit any crack in the enemy line to go for her target. 
Of course, as a C2 character, she crumbles quickly against any well equipped soldier. 

I also made her a Coward to represent her sellsword nature - I don't imagine any mercenary being willing to stick around too long if things start going wrong. Can't spend your money if you're missing a head after all. 

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